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Kendra Krasin

photographer at k. krasin photography
I love...

...my husband, Paul, and dog, Oliver.
...traveling - anywhere scenic.
...hot chocolate - but only with whipped cream.
...the Green Bay Packers.
...trying to be crafty, even though it isn't my strong suit.
...seeing my photos printed - at my house or yours!
...musicals, especially Les Miserables.
...taking pictures!

Welcome to K. Krasin Photography!

My name is Kendra Krasin. I am a speech-language pathologist in the public schools as well as a photographer serving western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota.

To me, photography is the ideal way to document our lives and preserve our memories. One of my recent projects involved scanning all of my grandma's prints into the computer - it was so much fun seeing my relatives in different ways! Our pictures belong on our walls and in albums, not just stored electronically on our hard drives.

If you have any questions or photography needs, please contact me. You can also find me on Facebook or leave a comment below. Comments are welcome in a gallery or on a specific picture as well. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the site!
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